Fashion & Beauty Contests

Do you like fashion and handbags or just plain clothes so is this category for you! You can win lovely bags, shoes, jumpers or funny t-shirts as well as anything else to fill up your wardrobe! You can win the latest fashion, clothes in your (odd) size, or a gift card for your fashion retailer where you can go and spoil yourself for free!

You can also find beauty products, cosmetics, make-up, perfumes, creams, crazy lipsticks, and much more in this section. We even have contests for gorgeous accessories, jewelry, and watches. Check if you can win your favorite perfume or join a competition for a pretty necklace!

Often fashion and beauty giveaways are organized by bloggers or Instagram influencers. The way that works is that a brand like L'Oreal or Sephora sponsors their social postings. The blogger or influence gets some money and something to write about, the brand gets its promotion, and best of all, the rest of us get free luxury make-up or skincare. One great thing about these contests is that they are often effortless to enter. Sometimes you have to like and share or post a little comment to enter. Note that some of those listed here are international contests. Rules are usually just the same for local ones, but the difference is that they may attract worldwide participants. With really a lot of people joining, the chances may decrease actually. For that reason, less famous influences are often getting us better odds of winning. The last group of promoters giving away beauty products and make-up is retailers - mainly shops selling cosmetics. They run these competitions to increase the newsletter or visitors to the website. Again a very easy way to free beauty products. Sometimes winning is even easier because not just one lucky participant will get free beauty products, but anybody who joins receives a free cosmetics sample as a giveaway.

Sorry! Unfortunately there are no currently running contests in this category.
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