Food & Drinks Contests

For anyone who likes to cook, shop for food, eat foods, or go wild on chocolate and sweets - you have come to the right website! There are competitions for free grocery bags, baskets of treats, food, and more. If you are craving already, check out the mouth-watering contests below (some are for non-food groceries and do not eat them).

Food and drinks are usually given away either by restaurants or by shops like mini markets and supermarkets. When it comes to restaurants, it is mainly the chains that do that, such as fast food vouchers from Jollibee, McDonald's Pizza Hut, etc. Snacks or other branded food products are usually prizes in contests sponsored by the food producers themselves. The supermarkets pass them on to us consumers.

Whether it is restaurant vouchers or individual food and drink items, these prizes are always great to share. If you are the winner, you can take your friends or loved ones to share in the joy of a free meal.

Sorry! Unfortunately there are no currently running contests in this category.
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