Holidays Contests

Win a trip to Hong Kong, Sydney, or Singapore! You can win free holidays abroad or short trips to Malaysia, Bali, or Thailand. Sightseeing, shopping, relaxing, or beach - all can be found. Free flights and accommodation are usually part of the prize. You should check the details; some are all-inclusive and even provide pocket money, but others may be accommodation only. Check this holiday category often as prizes change quickly, and you might miss your dream destination. Have a lovely holiday!

We find trips to a lot of different destinations, both in the Philippines and abroad. There are trips to cities, including Auckland, Melbourne, Beijing, Seoul, or Tokyo. Sometimes these free trips are offered by those countries' official tourist officials, and in other cases, some big consumer brands like Samsung, LG, or food and drink companies offer this. Such city holiday contests often combine the trip with some even like a musical, theatre, sports event, or other show.

Less often, we find even trips to Europe and North America. These are rare chances that may only be open for a short period. Make sure not to miss them by checking this page often. European holidays are often to Italy, France or Germany or some of the continents capitals like Stockholm, Amsterdam, London or Madrid. Holiday contests for the US may take you to New York, Yosemite National Park in California, the Grand Canyon, or the beaches of Southern California or Florida. Amusement parks like Disneyland or Universal Studios in Los Angeles may also be on the itinerary.

Sorry! Unfortunately there are no currently running contests in this category.
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