Vouchers Contests

Win Shopping Vouchers to supermarkets and other stores. Sometimes there are vouchers for holiday packages and online shops too. Or what about a coupon for your favorite things? Check here if you can find something useful and do not forget to check the other categories also. Get a Gift Card for your favorite retailer and shop for free!

Vouchers are one of the most common prizes. Many retailers and other brands prefer to give them out instead of cash. The advantage for them is that you can only use the voucher in their shop or for their product. So in a way, some of what they give away for free comes back to them when you use the voucher. We quite like them too as prizes because if you are the winner, it's easy to get your prize handed over (often just by post or electronically). Also, they are quite flexibly used. Most of the retailers giving out vouchers have outlets in many places, and you can usually get a variety of items in return for the vouchers.

Sorry! Unfortunately there are no currently running contests in this category.
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