Cars & Motorbikes Contests

Here you can win an outstanding BMW or Audi if you get fortunate. Otherwise maybe a Toyota or just a Hyundai or Ford. There can also be contests for car accessories like bike racks. More common than cars are motorbike giveaways, which are also listed on this page. Honda and Yamaha are the most common brands, and they are often given away by big retailers such as supermarkets. Sometimes as part of a purchase of certain products.

In most cases, the prize is a car or motorbike fully owned by the winner, often including on-road cost, insurance, and registration. Sometimes also extras and accessories are included, and you may be able to configure part of the vehicle and color yourself within the budget of the prize pool. If you are the winner, you need to check those details, in particular, whether or not motor insurance is included. Either way, we list all variants of car contests and with or without car insurance included a free car or bike makes a great prize!

There are other competitions, though, where you may win the car only for a leasing period of up to a year. Or maybe you get to use the car just for a week-long holiday or so. The costly car models are often only 'given away' for a two-day driving experience or so. We also list such contests on this page. Maybe you manage to win free fuel for a year or get a free car for the weekend? Or perhaps even for a whole year!

Sorry! Unfortunately there are no currently running contests in this category.
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